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If you are looking for employment, Alaant’s professional recruiters offer personalized service and deep industry experience. We can help you find the right job opportunity to advance your career.

We are seeking a diverse workforce and are actively recruiting candidates in accordance with diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity policies.

Alaant Services for Job-Seekers

Alaant can help you find the right job role for you

Find the Right Role for You

From entry to executive level positions, we have promising job opportunities for everyone.

We are a professional job placement agency with recruiters who can help find the right job for you keep your career moving forward.

Alaant for Employers

Employment Options that Fit Your Needs

We’re committed to providing job-seekers with opportunities that will meet your immediate needs but also serve you well over the long term. 

We take the time to get to know you so we understand your experience, work style, and career aspirations. We do this so we can present you in the most positive light to potential employers, and also to ensure that your next job will challenge and inspire you, provide you with a sense of fulfillment and compensate you properly.

Direct Hire:

For applicants seeking permanent employment in a new company or role, Alaant can help you refine your resume, focus your job search and present yourself as the best possible candidate for a wide variety of employers. 


We can align you with an employer on a temporary project with the potential for permanent employment if you're the right fit for the role moving forward. This process gives you a chance to evaluate the employer and consider whether you see yourself growing confidently in this environment.

Temp & Contract:

Whether you find yourself with a free block of time or want to test the waters of a new industry, our temp and contract positions provide fulfilling, door-opening opportunities. We offer affordable, ACA-compliant medical insurance to qualified candidates and can also provide paid time off based on hours worked. 

Alaant for Employers

Industry Experience That Matters

Our recruiters have industry-specific experience that can help you find the best possible job. 

We understand the intricacies of these industries, we know the major players and we know how to help you be the most appealing candidate possible for your industry.



Financial Services


Information Technology




Media and Consumer Products

Oil and Gas

Pharamceutical and BioTech

Real Estate




Job-seeker Testimonials

  • “I loved working with Amy, she went above and beyond for me. I love my new job.”

  • “She knew what I was looking for in a new job. I was very picky. Amy met me after hours, because I was working and this way I wouldn't lose time at work. Went over everything with me because I wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything.”

  • “Jaime Toolan took his time to explain the role in detail and provided timely feedback after each interview.”

  • “I appreciate Jaime's professionalism and response to any questions I've had. It makes things that much easier.”

  • “Jaime Toolan was a strong force behind my joining Linium. His support in the whole process was outstanding, and even though he was representing Linium, I truly felt like he was being a strong advocate and representative of me and my career as well. It plays to his deep sense of ethics.”

  • “Proactive and intelligent.”

  • “Great communication through the entire process and even after I was placed in my role.”

  • “Answered many questions and immediately connected me to the correct folks, after onbaording reaches out to me to ensure everything was going ok.”

  • “The answers I provided were the truth. Any issues I had were resolved quickly, the job was described in detail, and my experience was physically noted (pencil and paper) and provided to the company. This last detail was what made the difference in my application.”

  • “I’m completely satisfied my work.”

  • “Terrific service and genuine empathy.”

  • “I think Alaant is a great company and I am grateful to have come across this company which has provided me with great opportunities.”

  • “I was able find permanent employment through Alaant with a position that is a great fit for my experience while also presenting opportunities for growth. I was able to be on-boarded very quickly and efficiently. All communications with Alaant were extremely timely and all information regarding the position and process was described clearly.”

  • “Great communication.”

  • “Everything has gone smoothly since day one of working with Alaant. ”

  • “Alaant was incredibly helpful placing me at my current position. I was unsure of where I'd like to be employed; they listened to what I'd like in a new position and placed me very quickly. I am very appreciative of their kindness and hard work.”

  • “Any interactions I have had with Albany have always been pleasant. Everyone seems friendly and helpful. I feel that I am kept well informed of my benefit eligibility and policy information.”

  • “I have been pretty satisfied with my overall experience. I have all the information and resources I need to be successful.”

  • “Everyone at Alaant were very friendly and accommodating for what I was looking for within the job search. They guided me back into the tech field where I belonged when I moved up to the Albany area which I’m very greatful for.”

  • “Simply because it's the truth.”

  • “My recruiter worked very closely with me to help me get a position I wanted. ”

  • “Jaime Toolan took his time to explain the role in detail and provided timely feedback after each interview.”

  • “I appreciate Jaime's professionalism and response to any questions I've had. It makes things that much easier.”

  • “It’s all great! Keep up the good work!”

  • “Quick response, great follow-up.”

  • “Great team.”

  • “I worked for a very friendly and helpful office manager.”

  • “ALAANT has been a great company to work for and have had no problems since I started. I recommend the company to my peers.”

  • “Alaant has been extremely supportive!”

  • “Communication has been excellent throughout the recruiting process and has even continued after I started working.”

  • “Monica is the best.”

  • “Angela took detailed notes on my experience which she shared with the company, kept in contact with me as I was searching for other opportunities, and then sent me a job-warming present when I was hired. It felt as if she really cared for my success. Monica too! Thank you!”

  • “Monica was wonderful to work with. She answered all of my calls, text messages and emails very quickly. She always made sure to follow up and reach out to me with important information. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciate all of her help.”

  • “Monica always went above and beyond for me. I love her so much and hope she succeeds!”

  • “She helped me get my insurance set up and responded to numerous emails promptly!”

  • “They were very responsive and overall showed concern and thoughtfulness in placing me with the best suiting options for my needs.”

  • “Amy Alvarez was always very prompt in her responses back to me, she looked out for what I was looking for, she followed up with me even after I was placed and I never felt more valuable. I was re-entering the workforce and the process was extremely smooth.”

  • “Amy Alvarez was amazing-professional and a pleasure to work with. ”

  • “Amy did her absolute best during the final negotiations and really worked with me to get me across the finish line. She was a great listener and I appreciate her support.”

  • “Good communication and made sure the process was moving along.”

  • “Amy has maintained communication with me after I started working. I have never had a recruiter do that and it means a lot.”

  • “Michelle checked in with me frequently while she was looking for a placement for me. Any interactions were always positive and upbeat. I even had that feeling when she texted me. Thank you Michelle!”

  • “She kept checking up on me even after I started working to make sure I was happy with my position and still offered to help in anyway she could.”

  • “Response are received in a very timely manner and she is always checking in to see if I’m still satisfied with my assignment as well as Alaant themselves. She’s been very helpful through the entire process.”

  • “Good communication and made sure the process was moving along.”

  • “Angela checks up on me so see how work is going, gives updates about the company and was amazing when trying to find the job I have now. ”

  • “Amy has maintained communication with me after I started working. I have never had a recruiter do that and it means a lot.”

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