The State of Recruiting: 3 Realities That Might Surprise You

Human resource and hiring managers are well aware of the recruiting challenges with the current job market. This is clearly a candidate-driven environment, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many, many years.

But while it’s tempting to paint recruitment with a broad brush, there are trends that are emerging as we pass the mid-point of 2022 – and employers would be wise to recognize them as they gear up for the second half of the year.

Labor shortage, or not?

The most common obstacle to hiring cited by employers is a labor shortage. Whether that’s actually true is up for debate.

Why? At Alaant Workforce Solutions, the number of applicants we’ve recorded during the first 6 months of this year is double the number from the same period last year. Clearly, we’re in a different climate: in 2021, the pandemic was still raging; there were health and safety concerns related to COVID-19; child care issues were front-and-center due to virtual schooling; and remote work options were more plentiful as many companies had not returned to in-office schedules.

All of that said, however, our data shows twice as many candidates seeking new roles. So, great candidates are out there – the trick is finding them. 

Direct hires take over 

During the height of the pandemic, amid economic uncertainty, businesses began to opt for hiring temporary workers. That phenomenon has faded. So far this year, our direct hires have increased by nearly 50%, and we expect that trend to continue for the rest of 2022.

Even talk of a potential economic slowdown, or recession, has not dimmed employers’ plans to add permanent employees over temps. As hiring managers seek to fill roles in their organizations, it’s clear that direct hires are the preferred solution for the foreseeable future.

The importance of an employer brand

We’ve all seen what companies are doing to try to attract elite professionals: raising salaries, hiking benefits, offering signing bonuses. Those tactics are not differentiators. What’s becoming increasingly important in the talent war are an employer’s brand and culture. 

Candidates are looking for companies that value them not only as employees, but as people. Are they willing to offer flexible hours? Remote and hybrid work schedules? Professional development opportunities? Are they invested in the communities they serve, and allow their workers to volunteer for important causes? With so many options available, prospective employees are choosing the organizations they want to work for, and that decision has to do with much more than a paycheck.

The experts at Alaant are on top of the latest hiring trends, and more importantly, have the experience and know-how to help companies address them. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

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Miriam Dushane

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

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