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Glovebox Moments: Fine Tuning Your Recruiting Process

Alaant’s Tom Schin and Miriam Dushane bring you HR in the Car's "Glovebox Moments". In this clip learn Miriam's top tips for turning your recruiting process into a well-oiled recruiting machine.

Welcome to Glovebox Moments from HR in the Car here at Alaant Workforce Solutions. We're introducing this new format to bring you a couple topics or questions that we thought might be useful for you. So today's question is, what are one or two things that you're doing with your recruiting process to maintain a well oiled recruiting machine also?

So if I think of my recruiting process, I think first things that I want to make sure are happening. The first is, what is the candidate experience? What is the candidate that's going to your website, your job, posting through a job board, whatever it might be. How are they accessing it? And is it easy? There's lots of data in statistics that show that people are ghosting you before you even see their application because you've made it too hard. So apply to your own job, see how that works. Is it hard? Is it easy? Is it frustrating? And is, if it is, that's something you need to address and fix right away.

Second thing I would say, if I were looking at the recruiting process of an organization, is the interview cycle. So oftentimes there's one round, there's two rounds, there's three rounds, there's four rounds, there's five rounds, there's group interviews. Are those really necessary? You should be looking at the life cycle of treat your hiring like a recruitment project and a project timeline. Make sure you have the right people in the room as quickly as possible. Get through your interviews within two to three rounds. Try to hone the process. Make sure everyone's asking the same consistent questions so that you can get the result as quickly as possible.

So those are my two things that I would say. I would look at right away to make sure that it's well oiled and moving fast, and getting people in your organization as quickly as possible. Perfect preventative maintenance for your current process.

For more on what's happening at Alaant, and some great news to share, visit us at Subscribe to our podcast HR in the Car, and come back for more Glovebox Moments. Have a great day!

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