Alaant Spotlight: Joan Heffler - Joan Heffler Photography: Pictures With Personality

Alaant Spotlight: Joan Heffler - Joan Heffler Photography: Pictures With Personality
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What is My Superpower?

My superpower is my audaciousness! People remember me because I am out there. I am different, and when they need photography services, they remember that woman who stood out at other events and I get the gig.

I was not born to be subtle, and that power/trait has gotten me very far in the Capital Region and beyond. It is my brand. My logo is Pictures With Personality! And that is what I want to put into every image I photograph whether it be a headshot, special event, wedding or corporate piece. If the image speaks to you, I did my job. 

From the start of my photography career 23 years ago, I would ask myself everyday…”what makes me special…what makes me different?”  You know the shower is the best place to ask yourself questions because it gives you the answer. Viola! My brand, my audacious personality and humor are what make me stand out and I have made that my superpower. 

It’s ok to be different! Take it from me.

Joan Heffler

Joan Heffler Photography: Pictures With Personality

About Joan

When I was in the first grade my teacher asked the students to draw themselves 20 years into the future. While the others drew themselves as nurses and teachers I drew myself as an artist!

My dream has come true! With much encouragement from friends and family, I became Joan Heffler of Joan Heffler Photography

Pictures With Personality

Joan Heffler Photography—Pictures With Personality! is a full-service on-location and in-studio photography company specializing in people for corporate, portraits, weddings, and events; and will go anywhere in the world to capture your personality! 

Joan has photographed events and weddings as far away as Israel, Germany, and Italy; and numerous states in the United States. Since 1999, she has photographed more than 10,000 headshots and hundreds of events in the Capital Region and beyond. Her largest event is photographing Triple Play, a real estate convention for NY, PA, and NJ with 10,000 agents, 300 vendor booths, officer installations, and over 200 educational classes….single handedly. 

She has also photographed national and international celebrities, news journalists, TV personalities and political figures such as Hilary Clinton, Senator Charles Schumer, Alan Dershowitz, Elie Wiesel, Governor Mario Cuomo, food critic Sandra Lee, actress Vickie Lawrence, CNN John King, Miss World Linor Arbargil, actress Marlee Matlin, and political figure Herman Kaine to name a few.

Joan has been and still is a mentor for the Rensselaer and Capital Chambers of Commerce, sharing her knowledge of photography, leadership, and interpersonal skills to young entrepreneurs. She has been a judge for the Schenectady Photographic Society for over ten years.  In 2020 she received The Best of Schenectady Award in the Professional Photographer’s Category, and a Blue Ribbon and Honorable Mention Awards from the Photographic Society of America. One of her photos of Bryce Canyon won a place on the Backroads Adventure Travel calendar…out of 17,000 entries!

Ms. Heffler was the official photographer for the American Marketing Association Upstate NY from 2003 to 2011. She has been published in Forbes Magazine as well. Some of her clients have been Siemens, NYS Economic Development Corporation, NYS Association of Realtors, March of Dimes, Longhorn Steakhouse, KeyBank, University at Albany, the Rachael Ray Show, Skidmore College, Albany Medical Center, Union College, AFSCME, CSEA, and the United Jewish Federation.

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About the Author

Denise Anderson, Human Resources Operations at Alaant

Denise Anderson, Manager, Talent & Human Resource Operations

Denise loves helping people and organizations find their perfect fit —whether that is helping someone find a dream job or scoping out what role a company needs to fill and finding the right person for them. In her spare time, she likes to keep physically active and this year has competed in two sprint triathlons. Denise has 2 teenagers and has logged many miles over the years following them around the country to watch them compete in their sports events. When she is able to be at home on the weekends, she enjoys being on her boat, especially during the summer.

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